Subnautica Free OSX Test Available

Subnautica Free OSX Test Available

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Subnautica game

If you are fond of adventure games, don’t miss a chance to join Subnautica game which is a wonderful open world consisting of mysterious in the ocean. The game draws out various exclusive experiences for the players and gives them a chance to construct their habitats under the waters. Once joining, there are a bunch of interesting activities you can fulfill, including building up the submarines, bases, crafting items, weapons, exploring the oceans at night, encountering the dangerous creatures and much more. The game is currently downloadable on Steam, but before getting it, let’s take a look at the free OSC testing for the game now! This will be useful information for the players who have Apple computer!

Testing OSX for free on Subnautica game

Subnautica Free OSX Test Available
As we know, Subnautica is only playable on Microsoft Windows until now. It’s not an easy job to make the game work on various OSs. However, we want more and more people to be able to enjoy Subnatica game. Therefore, we made a test showing all of you that the game can be playable Apple OS X.
To make the game run on OS X, our team, including Max, Jonas and other staff have put our effect into this, and we worked it so hard. We can’t be sure yet whether we help and maintain an independent OS X version for the game or not. It probably will have too many works, or maybe not that much. Finally, we need your help to make this thing work out!

Subnautica Free OSX Test Available Subnautica operating in OSX Yosemite

Have you ever thought that you could play the game on an Apple computer? Now, no more thinking, just go ahead and play the game on your computer then tell us if it can run smoothly, badly or there are any crashes, bugs happening or not. If the graphics somehow happens to have messes or your computer get burned voluntarily, just tell us all! For contacting us, you can take a look at the feedback Steam Guide!
In order to make your game run well on OS X, first of all, you have to open Steam and search for Subnautica in the library. Click on it and choose the properties. After that, you will advance to the “betas” tab, choose “experimental” appearing on the drop down menu. Following these steps will help you download the OS X version of Subnautica.

Subnautica Free OSX Test Available Properties > Betas > Experimental

On some of the Macs, apparently, Subnautica game will need more time for loading. Therefore, you probably have to wait for the screen to be loaded, and it sometimes get stuck, or you might see the spinning pinwheel on the screen. No need to be hasty! Just keep patient and don’t try to click the window. You should spend at least 4 minutes on waiting for the screen before giving up on it. However, in most of the cases, the game will surely load in the end.

Subnautica Free OSX Test Available You probably need to wait on the screen occasionally

If you didn’t buy Subnautica, but you want to try it on your Apple computer, we wouldn’t highly recommend you to purchase the game right now! Nothing to be sure that we will keep an OS X version for the game. If we figure out that many Macs go off after operating Subnautica, we probably will have to let the game run on Windows only.

Nevertheless, in spite of having lots of anxieties about the game running on OSX version, we’re still kind of confident in it. About one week later, we will let you know our decision. If everything turns good, Subnautice will get the “Steamplay” icon on Steam, and the players who are using Apple computers are capable of playing the game on OS X for sure. They can discover many mysteries and depart epic adventures with Windows users.

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