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Subnautica Game

Have you ever wished to explore the untouched world located deep down in the ocean full of mysteries? Subnautica game absolutely makes your wish come true! The game is considered as an open world in which the players can depart their epic adventure and discover the new world under the water. The game is currently under building and development at Unknown Worlds, which is the separate game developer behind Natural Selection 2. Subnautica can help people touch their dreams! The game is surely very addictive to play when it consists of various factors, including role playing, discovery, sandbox, cinematic in order to bring the most exclusive, wonderful, amazing experience to the players ever! The main goal of Subnautica is to draw out an exciting feeling of the players when they enter the wild world in the ocean, and they have no idea about how far distance they can reach. The player will get impressed and surprised a lot while exploring. There will be some of the activities for them to fulfill. They can build up submarines and increase the b equipment so that they can obtain far distance and the diversity of the environment. In addition, Subnautica also helps them develop their surviving skill as well as strategic skill to tackle with the dangers, difficulties and become brave enough to venture into territories of the creatures.
Subnautica game is currently available with Windows version at the price $19,99 on Steam. However, there will be some of the players waiting for the game to be released on Xbox One or play the demo version for free before purchasing the official one. For further information about this, we need to wait and see if the development team release other versions of the game or not!

Everything about Subnautica Game

Plunge into a huge Underwater World

Subnautica Game
The game takes place when you’re done crashing and landing on a strange ocean world (which can be seen as the world of aliens) and going deep down is the only thing you can do. The oceans of the Subnautic are extremely extensive, ranging from the wet sun shoal coral reefs to devious ditches which are so deep in the sea. Make the best use of oxygen supply when you discover various locations, such as Kelp Forests, highlands, reefs and twisting cave systems. You will experience the various water that you have never seen before; it’s full of life, which is somewhat useful, but dangerous much.

Rummage, Craft, and Survive

Subnautica Game
After awakening from the Life Pod, you need to spend your time on searching for essential resources such as water, food and increate the equipment that you have to discover. Make an effort to gather all resources from the ocean surrounding. Perform your crafting skills to create lots of weapons, like sharp knives, lights, diving equipment. Keep exploring more and more in order to obtain infrequent resources, which will permit you to craft more developed weapons and items.

Build Up Underwater Natural Surroundings

Subnautica Game
Construct b bases and place them on the sea floor. You are supposed to select the layouts and elements carefully, control the frame entirely and develop the pressure. The base will be used for storing the resources, parking vehicles and refilling the oxygen supplies when discovering the huge ocean

Divide the Food Chain

Subnautica Game
The ocean is full of life, and you will need help from the ecosystem. You can attract and distract a dangerous creature using a fresh fish, or you can also swim faster while trying to dodge the carnivorous predators wandering around in the ocean.

Terror when the night comes

Subnautica Game
When the shadows kill your light, you surely expect to bump into predators, sooner or later! The ocean always lets the unexpected meeting confrontation happen in the dark. The locations that are completely secure for you to discover in the daytime suddenly turn to dangerous when the night comes, but it also exposes magnificent scenes that the ones lurking in the darkness will never witness.

Form the World

Subnautica Game
The sea floor in the game is displayed utilizing a powerful voxel terrain system. Digging a lot of caves for hiding, keeping the loots, or the cave systems that have short-circuited. One thing that the players have to remember is that the vehicles or the detonating creatures will surely have effects on changing the way that the world views.

Explore Below The Deep

Subnautica Game
There are some cave systems wind located beneath the sea bed, from the obscure claustrophobic passages to the big caves lightened up by bio-luminescent life. You can depart some epic quests beneath the ocean floor, but you need to stay alert to the oxygen levels and try to dodge the dangers hiding the shadows.
Open Development

Subnautica Game
If you want to check out what the development team is processing, you should explore the daily updates or even weekly updates. You can take a look at the real-time change logs, or send your feedback to the developers. Now, the Early Access of the game is currently opening, and the development team will be very glad to receive your feedbacks.

Development Team of Subnautica

Subnautica Game

Subnautica is still in the development at Unknown Worlds which is a game studio established by Charlie Cleveland and Max McGuire. The team is available around the world, including US, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia, France, Thailand, Australia and much more. The central office is located in San Francisco, California and it will be a home base for the entire team.

Download Subnautic game for free

For those who are interested in this epic aquatic adventure, they can completely enjoy the game for free by downloading it to the computer. We offer a free download version at this site, and all you have to do is to click the link below and start your download.
Subnautica Download Now!

How to Install Subnautica Game

Installation is a next critical step after you finish your download. The game is not difficult to install. If you want to know how to install the game on your PC, then look at here.
Subnautica Installation Guide!

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