Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

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Ghost Update Released!

Subnautica game regularly receives many updates in order to surprise the player while they are exploring secrets hidden in the ocean.

The new Ghost Update was released on 21 August by Hugh. It is an amazing improvement for the cool Subnautica game. There are a lot of exciting items that you should not ignore. All of them will contribute to making your challenge more and more interesting.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

It’s possible for you to find the update available on Steam. It cures the Infection, disables the Precursor Array, commands an upgraded Cyclops, and get rid of the Ghost Leviathans. You can watch the video below to learn more.

Firstly, we will talk about the Infection Cure.

Infection Cure

According to the following image, you can realize that the emperor Leviathan babies that you meet in the path of the Subnautica PC game are not just cute and friendly. There are a lot of blobs of infection cure covering the hands of the main character. You should go ahead and grab one as soon as possible.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

Array Deactivation

Currently, you are able to be cured. Not only that, you are allowed to deactivate the mighty Precursor Array if you want without difficulty.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

Ghost Leviathan

Ghost Leviathan is known as the second largest aggressive creature of the Subnautica steam game. It is also the third biggest overall. These fishes will appear in many biomes consisting of Grand Reef, Lost River Bones Field, Lost River Ghost Forest, Lost River Mountains Corridor, Northern Blood Kelp Zone, and Void. It has a soft and transparent outer membrane which is covered with a muscular, blue, inner body. Four yellow eyes are bioluminescent. The head looks like the blades of a hammerhead shark. Although it can cure and disable the array, it does not sound good. The deep places like Lost River, Grand Reef, and the Void are regarded as their hunting grounds. You’d better avoid those or you will get trouble.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

Lifepod Exit

Lifepod is a vehicle in Subnautica game which brings the player to some areas that he wants. In the emergency case, you will have the chance to experience the fancy exit animations. It helps you leave the life pod quickly. Open the small door on the floor and escape.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

Power Transmitter

It looks like a modern equipment that allows the diver. It is a power module extending the range of a power source. It is created with the Habitat Builder. You can put it down on the seabed. By striking three times with a Survival Knife, it will be destroyed. Solar Panels and Thermal Plants are sources that the transmitter will connect. The object transmits their energy to a Seabase or another.

Reaper Graphics Upgrades

The Reaper or Reaper Leviathan is a very big and unfriendly fauna species. It is the fifth largest life form in Subnautica game after the Sea Emperor Leviathan, Sea Dragon Leviathan, Ghost Leviathan and the Reefback. The texture detail is added to Reapers. You will feel horrific while trying to survive with that alien fish.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!


It relates to the Sea Treader Feces the nutrient-rich manure dropping from the creature. The feces are useful for accelerating plant growth. It is the feature that you have been waiting for. Now, Sea Treaders will leave the real poop trails behind them.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

New Biomes

There is a community mentioned in the Ghost Update. It’s available for you to discover the brand new Mesas biome and the extensive tunnels between Lost River and Lava Zone!

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

Cyclops 4.0

The 4th Cyclops iteration is possible for you to explore.

  • It can immunity against the medium sized creature attach (Lava Lizards, Bonesharks, Stalkers)
  • There are 6 upgrade slots (from 4)
  • There will be no cooldown on Silent Running or Shields.
  • There is more powerful exterior lighting.
  • The Larva larvae will be displayed on damage hologram.

Subnautica Ghost Update Released!

PDA Enhancements

There are the new animations, visual cues, tooltips added to the PDA.


The automated performance testing for the Subnautica PC game will indicate that you may play approximately 9% faster than the frame rates in Ghost. You should know developers working very hard on the performance and see the measurable benefits.

A Note on Saved Games

For some technical reasons, the entire Emperor Leviathan sequence across all saved games has been reset. If you did that in the Prison, and look for every door relocked, you are able to get out by getting close to these barriers from the inside. They will open.

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