Subnautica Has Been Updated

Subnautica Has Been Updated

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Subnautica update

Leave Aurora and embark on another adventure in Subnautica game you do not ignore guides to build up a strong and modern home base as well as tips related to crafting equipment or dealing with ocean beasts. Aside from that, you need to up to date the latest information about Subnautica, the experience that you are trying to win. As usual, the development team will always launch updates on Steam. In addition to that, they are not making a huge fuss out of it since it does not have any big showy feature. So, they are working hard to concentrate on the Launch Livestream. You can follow the new interesting channel at here. It is Live from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In the newest program, you can understand the blood, sweat, and tears of the development team when they tried to solve tons of issues or polish tasks or minor feature enhancements, and performance upgrades. And you will know that that tool is actually important for their imminent release.

Note that it is not the last Subnautica update before launch! The version 1.0 will offer more bug fixes. It is the build that they will give to press for reviews.

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