Subnautica: Infected Update

Subnautica: Infected Update

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Infected Update

Subnautica: Infected Update

Subnautica download is a great game in which you will have the chance to dive and descend into the depths of a strange and beautiful alien underwater world after your spaceship crashed. The mission that you have to accomplish at all costs is to survive as long as possible before you figure out the suitable way to escape and come back to your planet. What you need to do to exist is to craft as much essential equipment as possible and pilot submarines or explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more in the smart wildlife outside. However, you will soon realize that it is not a safe shelter for you all the time you live there. There are a large number of giant dangerous ocean beasts along with many unknown diseases that you can’t resolve them. Infection is one of them.


You can understand briefly the concept of infection in Subnautica pc as follows. Infection is a mysterious disease which can present itself throughout the sea world in the latest update. They can give a remarkable threat to both the local wildlife and to you. Fortunately, it’s possible for you to observe and check the progress or quality of the infection over a period of time according to the introduction of self-scanning.

Subnautica: Infected Update

If you look at the picture, you can see some creatures which are showing symptoms of an infection disease. You’d better keep away from them quickly.

Disease Research Facility

This facility is a terrifying place where something hazardous will be experimented or done. Not only that, something may go horribly wrong.

Subnautica: Infected Update

It is often hidden within the Lost River, a previously inaccessible Precursor Base will open its door for the first time. There are many remnants which starting to paint the picture of a story from another time. Try to act carefully when heading to it!

Containment Facility Exterior

Subnautica: Infected Update

An exterior of a new feature for Subnautica online has been added somewhere in the world. And you will need to wait for a while to see in a future update. Containment Facility Exterior is a gigantic structure which appears deep beneath the ocean floor.

New Biome: Crag Field

Subnautica: Infected Update

Crag Field is a biome which has been found in Subnautica pc. It is located at a steep or rugged cliff or rock face. In other words, there was a former empty seabed has arisen. Just enter this environment and keep an eye on Bone Sharks!

The Lab Cache

The lab cache is a scary location in Subnautica free. Look at the image and you can see an enormous skull which showing signs of being studied by unknown something. This lab cache is deep within the Lost River Biome. Although it makes you confused at the beginning, you can find and collect many useful resources nearby.

Subnautica: Infected Update

Along with one of the entrance corridors to the Lost River Zone, there is a cavernous expanse added with new Precursor ruins. The tale related to this cache is interconnected to the Precursor Base just around the corner.

Other Additions

PDA Drag’n’Drop

Subnautica: Infected Update

The PDA is a device that supports you to drag and drop quickly the slot items assignment. Indeed, it’s available for you to do that for objects in the PDA.

Improved Map Scanner Room

The map scanner room in Subnautica update contains a much great scan radius. It can scan faster. It is also easier for the player to move around in. This room gets many main improvements, for example, increased scanning or map projection range. The Map Scanner Room gets major improvements such as increased scanning and map projection range.

Subnautica: Infected Update

Additionally, there are new geographical features on previously empty areas.

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