Subnautica Is The Open World All Open Worlds Should Learn From

Subnautica Is The Open World All Open Worlds Should Learn From

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Subnautica Is The Open World All Open Worlds Should Learn From

There is a scary and secret force abroad existing in the blue planet of Subnautica epic game. It is an entity that can bend and even destroy all on that world.


After you fall into the ocean, you are quickly infected by a type of very dangerous bacteria which is unknown and hard to cure. More than 50 hours later, the AI helper in Subnautica game pops up and give you the info about the percentage of bacterial cells in your blood. You can feel surprised to know that it builds a structural irony. Actually, as you travel deeper throughout immaculate terrains in Subnautica steam, increasing eggshell habitats close by fuming lava vents and gliding between ribs of megafauna, the disease is creating its defeat of the fluids and catacombs of your body.


Although the bacteria will not influence directly to the game, it is regarded as a gnawing existence. It is also the fact that you can realize the savage of Subnautica steam. At some level, everything is running away from that.

To Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

It is not clear when calling Subnautica game an “open world”. You will have the chance to engage in a cool story that you need to spend lots of time to follow. Besides, there are many unexpected events or narratives going with needed items such as crafting blueprints or kelp.

To Far Cry

In other words, it is similar to Far Cry game. You can encounter plenty of strange creatures and their interesting activities.

To Far Cry

The reason why Subnautica ps4 becomes outstanding is that it is an open world game. It is more enchanting than other same titles that you have ever played before due to the will to domination. It is considered the colonizing spirit which is present in the crafting system of Subnautica. That attracts you to regard its locations and species as an aggregate of raw materials. But, you are more than a plague upon this place. The area containing the spread of the bacteria is brutal. Meanwhile, you are erosive. In some level, benign – not harm the entire environment. If that moon is a quarantine zone for that virus, Subnautica game itself is a region of isolation against its genre’s propensity. You are joining a great world in integrity that you can heal.

Unique features

Note that Subnautica Xbox one does not do combat and completely does not do aggression although you can see weapons on the research tree, for example, expensive torpedoes used to push back Leviathan beasts. It is not a game that you can kill arbitrarily.

Unique features

The key achievement of Subnautica game is that it will not release every danger with the principle of progression through matches. You will have to uncover your abilities and the surroundings under the water for survival.

Needful tools

In Subnautica game, always keep an eye on the oxygen. You can craft oxygen tanks when you’d like to swim deeper and longer.

Especially, the player in Subnautica steam can set up their empire without invading neighbors’ territories. You can drop beacons to mark your land. Or, you can design hideouts and depots easily by growing bulbs of plastisteel. They will shape an overcast coral reef. Obviously, those structures will not affect zones.

Antagonists, food, and effects

Predators in Subnautica game will roam nearby and can cause damage to your base if they supervise you through a porthole. Larger monsters will come across the seafloor and stomp anybody on their track.

The ocean of Subnautica game will bring back a feeling like a “hapless trespasser”. But, it will reveal itself in several subtle ways. For instance, the light in Subnautica passing much further through the water and change a silty blue haze into a riot of color. It is an exciting simulation related to a law of physics.

Besides, the Subnautica’s ecology is useful to supply tons of resources. Many creatures can be recognized and consumed rapidly as the result of evolution. You can cook and eat prey fishes with big eyes while the other ones will make Subnautica more interesting. You can engage in an extension of the ecosystem into the boiling salt-water. The Reaper, a sea serpent, can dominate your craft in its headlegs and trap you in its wide mouth.

Subnautica steam game quickly became more fascinating than any blockbuster. It is also searched than smaller, more openly entertaining games. It offers a rare open world that decreases the virulence that it begins to feel not only gripping but also valuable.

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