Subnautica: Resurrect UWE Group

Subnautica: Resurrect UWE Group

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If you are a Subnautica game lover, you may have heard of the Steam Community group of the game, which has been completely ignored. Even the team forgot that it has existed for 8 years. The last update that they have launched was from Flayra in January 2010, providing Natural Selection 2 pre-orders. For this week, they already figured out that Valve had transformed into a Developer Page for the Steam Awards. Now they want to resurrect it!

Looking back in 2010, that’s when Subnautica was not a popular game much. NS2 had not reached the top of the Steam on Halloween. For the devices, people were mostly using iPhone 3’s, and Windows 7 had just been released for several months. This is just an ancient Steam Community, and once it gets revived, it will be a new chance for reflection.

Unknown Worlds has been experiencing a lot since 2010. They have managed their financial stuff and finally become #1 top-seller on Steam. Their company size has increased from about 10 to about 20.

Through it all, the players are the constant force behind their survival and success. Subnautica fans have already sent a lot of feedback on the game on Twitter, discussed design on Discord, reviewed roadmaps on Trello, watched then shared trailers on YouTube, put up with terrible bugs in the Early Access phase, postponed updates, bad frame rates and so forth.

The engagement of the players during the course of the development is regarded as the critical secret sauce. Without your participation, Subnautica would be totally terrible.

Keep sending your thoughts and feedback on Subnautica to the development team! Your contribution is a great success for the game.

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