Subnautica Silent Running Update Adds Submarine Stealth And Others

Subnautica Silent Running Update Adds Submarine Stealth And Others

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Submarine Stealth

Subnautica Silent Running Update Adds Submarine Stealth And Others

The survival Subnautica game has gotten a remarkable change related to an update. A new Silent Running mode is added to your aquatic exploration pod. It plays an important role into one of the big features of that update: The dangerous and aggressive creatures in the underwater world are newly interesting in your previously safe Cyclops vessel. If you want to defend your life, you should enable the Silent Running mode to cope with them. It allows you to turn off all of the exterior lights as well as replace the interior ones with an eerie red glow. Also, it can slow the pod the heck down. From that, you will have the chance to sneak past those beasts and escape easily.

In the new Subnautica update, you can find other exciting features including a revamped Cyclops UI with a terrain-scanning sonar update, creature-detection on the HUD, and the ability to deploy decoys which distract the hostile ocean monsters. In case the Cyclops vessel has been a harbor of refuge for you from the creepy deep, you can feel concern a little when you know that it has just been created more fragile. Even, it can be wrecked if it suffers from too much damage.

The extensive update post also explains that the creatures will not only take an interest in your machine but also cause the serious damage for them. In the emergency situation, the Cyclops can become wrecked in the short time. So, when you playing Subnautica download game, you have to act and watch out everything carefully because you can mitigate emergencies onboard your ship. Fortunately, you will be equipped with Fire Extinguishers. They have fancy wall holsters to support you in the fight against the fires.

When the Cyclops hull hits the zero level, it will quickly be the wreckage. You’d better salvage materials due to they are useful to build add-ons later. But, the machine itself can’t be repaired or reconstructed anymore.


Aside from the information involved the Cyclops, there are many additional items.

  • The Resource Models- They bring to you many resources getting their final models such as aluminum, nickel, lithium, and more.
  • Creature Eggs- Some of them are receiving the new model and some are completely new to the Subnautica game. The Crabsnake and Sea Dragon eggs have the new model. The Subnautica update introduces Crabsquid eggs and Lava Lizard eggs, too.
  • Precursor Caves- There are two precursor caves coming online in the Mushroom Forest and Crag Field biomes. You can visit Precursor caches, caves, and bases to assemble together the past of the world.
  • Databoxes- They are located throughout the Subnautica game. They can be found in the lifepods and wrecks. They contain data chips to unlock specific blueprints in an instant.
  • Other Additions
  • Turn on Fade objects from the options menu to stop them from popping into view as they load.
  • Upgrade the Cyclops with the Vehicle Repair to fix what stored in the Cyclops Vehicle Bay.

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