Subnautica: Temperature Dropping

Subnautica: Temperature Dropping

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Temperature Dropping

Subnautica: Temperature Dropping

Since the launch date, there are tons of responses to Subnautica game that the Unknown Worlds developer has received. Fortunately, most of them are positive reviews. That makes the team feel excited and pleasant. Actually, so many players have had the time to experience the great adventure on the planet named 4546B. They really excited. Therefore, UW developer decided to produce more underwater challenges. You will be able to prove your skills and conquer other interesting secrets.

To accomplish that job, they determined to set up a stand-alone expansion to the cool Subnautica pc game. It is called Subnautica Below Zero.

About Below Zero

Below Zeros

“An alien civilization we can compare star charts with? That’s our holy grail. We never expected we’d actually find it.” – Unknown Alterra Employee

The expansion of Subnautica Xbox one game will be placed in an ice-bound region of a moon, 4546B. After events that happened to the original game, Below Zero will bring back another thrilling exploration that offers a new chapter in the universe of Subnautica game. Some concepts and plans related to Below Zero will be shown and shared for release.

You are able to dig deeper into the Below Zero expansion or follow the entire dev team here

“The Vesper is a semi-permanent orbital installation, designed to provide a sustainable environment for research personnel stationed far from Federation space”

About Below Zero

In the forthcoming months, the developer of Subnautica ps4 will present an unfinished and early version of Below Zero in Early Access. After that, they will embark on introducing some consistent content updates, crafting the game based on the feedback. That will be carried out like the original in a careful way.

However, they will not announce an exact date or even a vague date because setting ones will not end well for anybody. They cannot guess how long that development will take and they do not want to make everyone expect for what they are not sure.

Currently, the concept of Below Zero expansion for Subnautica steam game is being still developed. The team will keep the core gameplay mechanics, for example, building the base or open-ended long trips. They are also uncovering other ones like the thermal management and more voiced dialogues at the central part of the plot. They are in early stages and nothing will be set in ice. Those are features that can be adjusted prior to and during that period.

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