Subnautica: Tips & Tricks For Base Building

Subnautica: Tips & Tricks For Base Building

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Tips & Tricks for Base Building

The guide will help the player in Subnautica game deal with problems related to building your base. It contains tips that can solve orientation issues that you may have had with structures like Moonpool, docking, and ladders.

Ladder Orientation

While you are trying to build something in Subnautica game, you can face three typical orientation matters. They will be the main drag. But, you can conquer them once if you master how the mechanics work. We will begin with ladders.

The direction that you experience when you out down the first compartment of the base will decide which side of the hatch the ladder will be placed on. The ladder will arrange with the forward most part of the door when facing the identical management that you were encountering when setting down the separate section. In other words, the place you face when you establish the initial item will influence the front and the rear of your construction. It will not be able to be given special importance enough as it has the relationship with every orientation affair below.

Ladder Orientation

In the earliest screenshot of Subnautica xbox one, an X compartment is about to be located.

Screenshot of Subnautica Xbox One

Now, a hatch has been put up and upper level while the player is still in the old spot. He will have to enter to complete a ladder and approach the second stage.

a hatch has been put up and upper level

Inside the base from the same side, he can find the alignment. Remember to keep an eye on the unused hatch! It can occur to have text that pops up upside down when meeting the similar direction of the placement.

If you are that character, you should note which side of the lettering that the ladder is set.

It will affect ladders placed in connector areas such as the I, L, T, and X. Steps in multipurpose rooms will always align with the one along the outside border so as to provide much more foot spaces, anomaly being a centered occupied ladder – it will follow the identic rule above.

Moonpool Orientation

The Moonpool in Subnautica pc game will line up. It means that you cannot rotate it by locating again yourself unless it is the beginning artifact that you construct. The mentioned tutorial will be chosen so the ladder will align perpendicular to the long side of the pool.

Moonpool Orientation

You are recommended to own a Moonpool as soon as possible.


It is simple to view the determination.

If you want it to be straightened with the smaller part on the front of a corresponding base, you will modify your point when placing the opening compartment.

Seamoth Docking Orientation

The Seamoth in Subnautica steam game will dock opposite left when directing in the same zone as when the Moonpool was built. You can escape to the left after you tie and select on tube location when combining the remaining of your station to Moonpool.

When you are constructing, the opposing region will resolve the front and rear of your home, how ladders will be built, and the area your Seamoth will see when it is docked or the position you will exit. You can build one more time to get materials back and start again if necessary. You can embark on another and later its orientation, which can be compared to what existing early.

Moonpool Vertical Placement

You can drop the Moonpool above the water line in Subnautica game so you can observe everything on the surface. It is not difficult to dock it and utilize a ladder to behold further. The Moonpool will be higher than the water line with a little of a gap. It is effectual for you when you are about to erect upon or next to those in the shallows. Make sure you can have the comfortable room to navigate the Seamoth. Otherwise, you cannot auto dock.

Moonpool Vertical Placement

You can detect that the level of the liquid is low enough and you can have a perfect distance between them.

If you love to possess a bay for the Seamoth and the Prawn, you will recognize that you can create more than one in a base.

Seamoth and the Prawn

Two Moonpools are combined.

Floating Base

Opt for the Vertical connectors in Subnautica pc to generate upwards the layer and remove which ones underneath. You will end with a floating base. That will be activated in survival. You can do that to get a cheap observatory on the Lifepod 5 that suitable for 4-6 lockers without moving too close. It is convenient as a storage resolution before time and the tiny base is out of the way of more crucial builds you imagine. To ascend a solar panel on top, you will fabricate a temporary roof hatch to make an access.

Floating Base

You can visit it through the topmost position of Lifepod.

Use Smaller Compartments

Maybe, the multipurpose rooms in Subnautica game will be used the most. Nevertheless, it will give the least bit of the suppleness. Four targets can offer the same amount of working and the storage expanse as the larger area. You may want to pick them in a few creative methods using windows anytime you can and handling stability with foundations instead of controlling bulkheads. Actually, they will not run well with the multipurpose room since they do not snap-to in a tip that is helpful. But, they fit.

Use Smaller Compartments

It will grab the similar amount of space as the previous item. It can be shaped again though you are required to show your capability while making room for bigger stations so they will not stop passages.

The foundation adds +2 stability. The bulkhead with doors will connect +3 and the reinforced bulkhead attaches +7.

Custom Art

When you play Subnautica steam game, you can hang digital picture frames or any image from your PDA. If you upload a photo directly to the screenshots folder for the saved game, you can take anything you like. Make sure they will have the compatible dimension.

Custom Art

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