Subnautica Update 84 Released

Subnautica Update 84 Released

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Update 84

It is an exciting Subnautica update for the game that you love. There are two main sections that will be introduced in Update 84. So far there have been over 20 post-launch bugs squashed. We will come with a quite long list of changes first.

Subnautica Update 84

Crushing Bugs

If you are a loyal fan of Subnautica game, you surely realize that the development team has had several prototyping potential expansions since the launch date. All of these can run on Xbox One launch and has an ability to arrange some of the stronger bugs in the Steam 1.0 release in a tidy way. The Update 84 that we bring today will offer a bunch of that tidying up.

Part 1

  • The main menu button texts update precisely when you switch languages.
  • The menu button text colors in Subnautica download have been fixed.
  • F8 panel is completely explained.
  • Cyclops overwhelming leak indicators are plainly outside of the Hull.
  • The controller navigation and other selection boxes are fixed.
  • Not only that, the builder menu in Subnautcia game now becomes ready for you to use with swapped mouse buttons.
  • The Lifepod Fabricator lighting is fixed.
  • Additionally, the Cyclops hatch door collider cannot make you get any trouble anymore.
  • Disallow poster placement that wall lockers will be rejected.
  • The non-localized text is cleared from the color customization terminal.
  • Physics bugs in Subnautica steam game with ion cubes and precursor keys are put right.
  • End-game achievements can be activated when they are available.
  • The Lost River’s fishes in Subnautica can resist the brine.
  • Your mask can lit up properly.
  • At the moment, you cannot despawn Aurora ship by setting up a base near it.
  • The Seamoth hatch animation has been fixed.
  • Changing the quality settings in Subnautica game can cause you to remember to start the adventure again.

Part 2

  • The Time Capsule UI is made simple.
  • The Pathfinder Tool Recipe has been already fixed, too.
  • Besides, entering the Exosuit while you are sprinting will no longer be a serious problem.
  • The bug that the saved game rocket was not ready for launch was fixed.
  • Hitching when building a base again is decreased
  • Fixed moonpool ladders that did not work in the proper way when cinematics was skipped
  • Time capsule fixes are reserved for many different platforms.
  • The option that you can utilize to switch off subtitles has been added.
  • TimeCapsuleTitleFormat is also upgraded.
  • Base interiors in Subnautica pc game that were not correct when they were observed from the inner of a vehicle or in another place were fixed.
  • Fixed the Cyclops interior that was not right when seen from a vehicle
  • Fixed the low LOD of specific base windows
  • Re-cache the world to assist with hitching a bit
  • Fixed options menu screen resolution
  • Fixed the localization of deconstruction errors
  • TimeCapsuleTitleFormat is added to English.json
  • Translator credits update
  • Translation updates

Historical Factoid

In the early development days of Subnautica game, updates had numbers instead of names, for example, Update 8. However, they finally changed them such as Seamoth Update, because they had an immediate impact. But, 84 is a Subnautica update without a name.

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