Subnautica: UWE Group Resurrection

Subnautica: UWE Group Resurrection

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UWE Group Resurrection

That Steam Community for Subnautica game has been abandoned for a long time. For eight years, everybody disremembered that it had ever existed. To the last update which came from Flayra in January 2010, it provided many Natural Selection 2 pre-orders. Aside from that, they also realized that Valve had changed smoothly it into a Developer Page which is reserved for the Steam Awards. They recognize that it’s time to restore it.

UWE Group Resurrection

Back in 2010, Subnautica steam game could not impress anybody. To most people, they thought that Subnautica is a simple adventure. Even, they believed that it was boring. However, Subnautica brings a wonderful underwater journey which takes place on an alien ocean planet. It is a massive and open world where is filled with wonder and peril. Indeed, you will have the chance to experience an unforgettable challenge in which you are forced to defend yourself from every aggressive beast. Besides, you will have to accomplish a variety of exciting quests during your trips such as collect resources, craft, build, and much more. With the release of the cool Subnautica Expansion – Below Zero, you can discover a frozen land and encounter other scary bizarre creatures.

Additionally, NS2 had not become a top title on Steam on Halloween. People were controlling iPhone 3’s. Windows 7 was only a few months old. It is a vintage Steam Community. Therefore, waking it up is an opportunity for sending back.

Since the year 2010, Unknown Worlds has been through a lot. Base on Subnautica Xbox one game, they have taken part in planning and directing the near-death financial valleys to “the heady heights of #1 top-seller on Steam”. Their company size has been improved. It has changed from around 10 to around 40. Furthermore, they have grown stronger. They’ve built up firm friendships between members as a real team.


Overcome all difficulties when launching the best Subnautica update, the consistent force behind their survival and fruit belong to you. You have contributed to offer feedback on Twitter, thrash out the appropriate design on Discord [], as well, think through roadmaps on Trello [], or distribute trailers on Youtube, and undergo terrible Early Access bugs, with delayed releases, bad frame rates, and so on.

Your participation together with the development process of the team has created an important cooperation. With no you, their games cannot develop favorably.

To those who have followed the dev team and Subnautica ps4 game since 2010 and before, along with everybody that accompanies with them now, and to people who trust to join with them in the next time, thank you. They have determined to keep building great games for you.

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