Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

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Voice Of the Deep Update

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update
Subnautica game has launched a release known as the Voice of the deep update. The Precursors built the new place in order to store something that you can feel interested when thinking of them. The update is available for you to experience. You can learn more on the official site at Voice of the Deep site. Aside from that, you are able to watch the introduction video below.

The Voice of the Deep Update will bring to the player many big pieces of the ending in the Subnautica game. Thus, you can finally know mystery surrounding many story arcs.

The Containment Facility

It is the first location that we want to mention. It is a huge Precursor facility which is beneath the ocean floor and lies embedded in the rock. At that spot, you will have the chance to search for plenty of exciting objects like the artefacts, data repositories, and fragments of history. Along with chambers and strange elements, the facility is ready to reveal the next chapters of the game’s lore.

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Emperor Leviathan

Containment Facility in Subnautica PC game is not a safe position for explorers. In which, you will soon meet up with a massive creature of immense proportions called the ancient Sea Emperor Leviathan. It loves to lurk and wait. So, that character might be a friend, an enemy, or neither. You are recommended to act carefully once you enter the area.

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Silent Running 2.0

According to the feedbacks of loyal fans and other players, the second pass on Cyclops Silent Running has been finished. The Cyclops also has been advanced with the stronger shields, the larger energy reserves, and abilities which have not existed before. The engine of the Cyclops may be shut down to completely keep silent and help you have an ideal haven to operate. Meanwhile, the boat may be rigged so as to run noiselessly at any speed. After it is activated, it will become soundless for a moment while the ability regenerates. The high pace dashes are possible with a flank speed. Look out! The motor might overheat in case you use the flank speed too long.

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Precursor Pipes

There are several antiquated pipes in a network set throughout the world of Subnautica game. They will only serve a purpose that you need to uncover it on your own. They appear to swallow and discharge large volumes of the water and Peepers. You should figure out the answer for problems related to the reason why those swim through these tubes, too.

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

New PDA Interface

The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) has obtained a glorious overhaul. A slick recently developed interface acts to present the detailed information about the undersea flora and fauna of Subnautica PC. Additionally, icons have received a makeover. The game has been rolling with many placeholders in a long time.

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Lifepod 7

There is a Lifepod in Subnautica online game that you will easily look up and explore. Lifepod 7 includes the wide-ranging treasures. But, you must be enough smart to discover them.

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Bulb Zone & Ghost Forest Teleporters

There are two teleporters, one in the Bulb Zone and one in the Ghost Forest. Where can they lead you to?

Subnautica: Voice Of the Deep Update

Other improvements

  • Batteries and the power cells can charge to the proper levels.
  • Airtanks will not stack in the inventory anymore. A new one has been added, which holds three times that of a standard tank of air.
  • There are a lot of optimizations completed to create a more seamless experience.

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