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Privacy of brings you a lot of information, updates, guides and other amazing gameplays of Subnautica game. All of players and users are welcomed here, and they can freely check out or research on the information as well as the services that they want. At this site, the users are highly recommended to have a look at a crucial document which is known as a privacy policy set out by the administrator. In this document, all your rights and obligations will be depicted very clearly. You need to read this policy carefully before using any information of this site. Furthermore, once entering this site and starting using its service, all your private information will be gathered here.

Log Files

Most of the websites always use Log Files to gain some benefits. These files consist of information about ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the browsers, the visitor information, visiting time and so on. Additionally, the webmaster will also use this tool for their examination, gathering demographic statistics, controlling the websites and following the users.
Cookies will keep the information that relates to the preferences of users. Also, Cookies can help follow the users, adjust the page content when the users utilize a certain browser
Web Beacons
Following the navigation through one or more than one website can be easily done with the usage of Web Beacons. Also, Web Beacons can be utilized to link with cookies for obtaining an understanding of the ways that users use to browse through a website and achieve the content.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google is the third party who will offer their advertisements to the users by using the Dart Cookies, and those ads will be related to the main website or other ones
If you are not fond of utilizing Cookies, you can research on the privacy policies of it on Google with this link
Cookies, Web Beacons or Java Script are known as the latest technologies that will help the third parties in running and delivering their ads to the users. They will use those technologies to send the ads directly to the clients
All users are recommended to learn more details about the privacy policies to obtain the precise information. If you want cookies to stop running, then go check that out by using some of the personal browser selections
For more information about how to manipulate the cookies and operate browsers, you need to check it out at several websites that utilize the individual browsers.