Subnautica Xbox Update Released

Subnautica Xbox Update Released

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Subnautica Xbox Update Released

Subnautica Released

Subnautica steam game has been upgraded with an interesting update on Xbox One version. It is which will bring back the stability with stronger performance and several necessary bug fixes. It is also the other part in the dev team’s sequence of rapid-fire post-release patches. They are ready to continue working and improving on the next one. Please have a look at the list below!

  • A Feedback Button has been provided.
  • Improvements reserved for the state of being stable are added, for example, memory management.
  • Since the present Subnautica update, the unpredictable Reefbacks behavior will not exist anymore.
  • The bug that caused missing of plants is removed.
  • Not only that, floats can attach because the related bug is solved.
  • The Cyclops vehicle bay hatch in Subnautica download will spawn correctly.

Remember to send the team your reports and feedback! They will contribute to making Subnautica game better.

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