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Subnautica.org is a fabulous website that will provide you with a lot of useful information, updates, releases, gameplays, tips, guides of an amazing survival adventure game taking place in an open world under the sea. The game is catching much attention of the players who are so into this category and want to explore everything happening under the water. When you come to this site, you will learn and check out a lot of information. To bring you more convenience, you are recommended to take a look at the terms of use before using the services and information at here. If you know these terms, and follow them, you won’t be able to trespass any rules and regulations established by the administrators of this site. Let’s research on the terms now!

Terms of Subnautica.org

Explore terms of use established by the owner of Subnautica.org before you utilize the service and information. There are some of rules and regulations you must follow:

  • First of all, if you are a user of this site, you shouldn’t change the content or take it away without getting any permission from the administrators. This website is made for all users to use in general, not for any specific individual!
  • Second of all, the quantity and quality of the content will not get any assurances from the owner of this site or the third parties. And those things are like accuracy, relevance or completion, even though they are accepted by laws. Therefore, all users have to follow the rules and be in charge of they have used or done.
  • The components that were exhibited on the site, including graphic, content, design and so on, will be possessed by us. For those who are trying to make a copy of those elements, their action will be acknowledged as unlawful piracy.
  • Some logos which are owned by the operator copied will be viewed on this site

The users are supposed to follow the rules and regulations and try to avoid breaking or destroying the information of this website. If someone is trying to do that on purpose, they will be acknowledged as an illegal action

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